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Making a Difference in Our Neighborhoods Today. Because We Care.

At NAS the wellness of our communities is at the cornerstone of what we’re about. Our programs and activities are designed to make sure that anyone who needs help can get access to it. Learn more about the positive impact we are having and join us in serving our neighbors during this hour of need.



Churches. Community Centers. Businesses.

We know that it always takes people who care to make our world a better place. Since our founding in 2000, we have relied on faith based institutional strength and leadership to improve the lives of individuals and their families one community at a time.
With the Covid 19 pandemic, our new signature is NAS True Care Companions, reaching to institutions and organizations, to support individuals in need locally to make sure that our next door neighbor has access to food, counseling, care and support as necessary.



Caring for our Home-bound Communities One Household at a Time



NAS Companions will pick up and drop up your food orders or groceries. In some occasions and per request, a companion can help with home prep if needed. Other services, such as referrals, home care and counseling are available per request. Call us with your specific need and concern. 


Our companions are trained to listen to you, with compassion and empathy. Plan to schedule your virtual companionship time over the phone or planned social network for a maximum of a half hour. Longer time is available if you would like to do a face to face companion visit and/or strolling. Request the online application for service. We can help you with that too.

Nurse Talking to Patient

Email us at to work with us or to be matched up with a companion.

Donation Boxes

When our neighbors become as important as a family member, we have the ingredient to make our world a better place for our children and our loved ones, simply because we care.

A small act of love can take us a long way!



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